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With the collective experience of 5 decades StratGem is active in developing and optimizing complex process plants as discipline and general engineering contractor. The range of services includes designing new and existing plants for laboratory systems, pilot & production plants, infrastructure and supply systems together with the best team for unique and customized solutions.
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Loading and Unloading Process of A Liquid Bulk Tanker

Engineering And Project Consultancy Services

With the vast knowledge of industry gained through a lot of practical field experience, we can offer expert advice and solutions for all your needs particularly in the field of air pollution control and powder handling automation.
Stratgem provides project-based consultations to evaluate and analyse various technologies and products available in the specified field of requirement. For some case, we can offer project management and procurement management.
Our highly qualified engineers can provide custom made, highly energy-efficient and optimized process solutions by using the vast in house knowledge meeting latest regulations and desired results.

System Optimization And Enhancement

We are in the era of a very fast changing industry requirements of higher production goals and improved equipment efficiencies. No matter what, processes and equipment’s should always function at their peak efficiency. Efficiency has a direct impact on the productivity and cost of production. The systems installed few years back may or may not give the performances and results as desired for the current needs.
Optimization and enhancement of Process and equipments is the discipline of adjusting or altering few design parameters or processes. The most common goals are minimizing cost and maximizing throughput and/or efficiency. This is one of the major quantitative tools in the industrial field.
StratGem can power your process and equipments to meet the desired outputs by providing the engineered solutions which can be adopted faster with no major disruption or stoppages of the existing set up. The direct benefits one can expect are improved productivity, lower or no wastages, reduced costs of production and most importantly improved profitability.
Centralized Vacuum cleaner systems  by Stratgem
Centralized Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in Pune

Retrofits And Refurbishments

Retrofits and refurbishments represent an opportunity to upgrade the performance of existing older installations. Over the period there have been various technology transformation in various fields. These better changes in the technology offer various benefits such as higher efficiencies, better performance, and productivity.
Moving completely from the existing old installations to newer technologies and products often requires very high costs and time. Both costs and time affect such decisions of complete replacement. However, these upgrades can be done to the existing installations by retrofitting and refurbishing with specialised solutions and services.
With Stratgem’s engineered solutions get additional years of reliable output from your existing installations. Our re-engineering and rebuilding capabilities and the retrofits/refurbishments can deliver the solutions to match the latest technologies.

Spare Parts And After Sales Services

While you run and operate your plant, leave the worries of getting the spares and services to us. With our standardised engineered products and solutions, you can expect to get the spares and services with minimum response time.
It is highly recommended to regularly carry out periodic maintenance and services by our experienced service personals. For such requirements, we offer custom designed annual maintenance contracts.
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