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This is a powerful, robust, yet compact and manoeuvrable and ideally suited for wide range of cleaning and dust extraction duties in industry. The exhauster driven by a motor, makes it the perfect machine for those jobs where a really high-power suction is required either for collecting heavy material or for connection to a semi fixed pipe system.
With the aid of a 50 mm hose pipe connected with a suitable accessory tools, the cleaner picks up dust, metallic shaving, clips, cotton rags, greasy industrial waste, high viscosity oil, liquid spillages, powders etc. both directly from the machines as well as from industrial flooring. A mechanical pre-separator directs the heavy particles and the liquids straight into collecting container. The subsequent cloth filter retains the fine particles. The filtration system is based on fabric, suspended from a manual shaker mechanism to relieve filter clogging.
The vacuum cleaner has wide variety of applications in engineering industry machinery and factory cleaning for collection of metal chips, C.I. Turnings, Milling/Drilling Burrs, Greasy dirts, and even small nuts and bolts. This is a Powerful and Robust Vacuum Cleaner suitable for the Collection of General Dust from the floor, walls & beams, etc as well as for Burr, Chips, Greasy Cotton Waste, Liquid Spillages from the Machines, and Industrial Flooring. This machine is widely accepted in Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Power Stations, Ship Building, Surface Preparation Applications, warehouses.
This machine has very low maintenance requirements. It can run continuously. Hose pipes can be extended up to 10 to 16 meters and above depending on the application.
Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer Supplier in India

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