Pneumatic Conveying Diverter Valves supplier in India

Pneumatic Conveying Diverter Valves

Stratgem has various models of Divertor Valves. These are the main regularly used valves in the industry.
  • Conveying Line Divertor Valves (Single & Dual Tube type) :
  • These are very robust valves design with Stainless steel Tubes with Aluminum Body which makes it light in handling and installation. These are used for various powders expect for very abrasive products. Widely used by all the Pneumatic conveying suppliers across the globe.
  • Gravity Type Discharge Valves :
  • These types of Valves are typically used in discharge application wherein the requirement is for multiple discharges from single outlet. Single flap operates through a Electro Pneumatically operated actuator. This can customized for motor depending upon requirements.

Simply state your requirements and the challenges. Stratgem will provide a solution that will suit your process needs while maintaining product integrity and safe operations.

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