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Any process industry requires the transportation of powdered and granular materials via a Pneumatic Conveying system. In the case of hazardous material, no spillage, contamination, or human exposure is permitted while handling the powder in granular form. Our Powder handling and conveying systems provide all of these features and benefits while requiring little or no manpower. Stratgem’s Powder Transfer systems also help in the preservation of good hygiene in the work zone.
  • A pneumatic conveying system consists of a air source, typically an air feed device, a conveying pipeline, and a receiver to deliver the conveyed material and filter the dust.
  • Every powder conveying system is made up of pipes called transportation lines that carry a material mixture and a stream of air. These materials can be easily transported to various destinations via pipelines using a high-velocity air flow. Air pressure moves products in tubes/pipes, providing additional vertical versatility.
  • A pneumatic transportation system is defined by pressure or vacuum systems and transports material using either diluted or dense phase technology. Stratgem, a pneumatic conveying manufacturer, offers solutions that will safely move your powder or bulk material from one location to another in the most ergonomic and contained manner possible.
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    Simply state your requirements and the challenges. Stratgem will provide a solution that will suit your process needs while maintaining product integrity and safe operations.

    Pneumatic conveying systems are classified into two types.

  • Dense phase conveying system.
  • Lean - Dilute phase conveying system.

  • Each type can move materials using either a vacuum or a pressure method.

    These types can be distinguished by their operating principles, which refer to the type of material that can be moved and the source of airflow.

    Dense Phase Conveying System

    Dense-phase conveying system, as the name suggests, is mainly used when the material transported is of utmost importance considering degradation in particle size. This is used for various powders that are abrasive, pellet-sized, or granular in nature. The main advantage is that the material is transported at a slow speed across the pipeline, ensuring low wear and tear, low material degradation, and minimal changes in bulk densities. The system's high material-to-air ratio ensures energy efficiency. As there are no rotating parts involved, it ensures low maintenance costs.
    Stratgem Pune, India designs and manufactures dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems based on the customer's needs and requirements. Various industries which we serve are Food, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Minerals etc.

    Lean phase conveying system or Dilute phase conveying system

  • Lean-phase conveying systems transport powders using a positive displacement blower, side channel blowers, or vacuum pumps. It is a simple system used for various powders that doesn’t have any specific quality requirements for degradation or loss of material properties.
  • Stratgem Projects designs and manufactures dilute phase conveying systems or lean phase pneumatic conveying systems based on the customer's needs and requirements. Food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, polymers, breweries, and other industries are among those we serve.
  • Stratgem Projects Pneumatic Conveying System Manufacturer in Pune, India

  • Stratgem provides pneumatic conveying systems of all types, including vacuum, low pressure, and high pressure.
  • Airflow in a dense-phase vacuum conveying system may be generated by vacuum pumps, fans, blowers, or blow tanks.
  • We also supply pneumatic conveying system components such as product feeders, bag unloading stations blow lines, product collection equipments, and storage silos .
  • Our pneumatic conveyancing systems and solutions are second-to-none and made from durable materials to ensure they will provide years of reliable service.
  • You can count on us because we offer high-quality products to all of our clients.
  • Pneumatic conveying is a highly efficient material transport method that is used in many industries to ensure the safe transfer of resources and products. If you have any questions pertaining to pneumatic conveying system design, please contact us today!
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