Quencher for high temperature gases supplier in Pune, India

The word quencher means “sudden cooling” of the high temperature gases. Cooling by liquid quenching is essentially accomplished by introducing the hot gases into a liquid contacting device.
The energy necessary to vaporize the liquid is obtained at the expense of hot combustion gases, resulting in a sudden reduction of gas temperature. The temperature of the gases coming out from the quencher is at the adiabatic saturation temperature of the gases if the operation is adiabatic and the gas leaves the quencher saturated with water vapours.
Quencher is often used in place of air coolers or heat exchangers because :
  • Air cooler or heat exchanger requires larger area.
  • Direct contact of gases in case of quencher is more efficient than indirect contact as in the case of heat exchanger.
  • The fine particles from the gases will also be removed which may otherwise erode exchanger tubes.

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