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For steel making process, steel industries have mini blast furnace (MBF). During the process of steel making Blast Furnace gas gets generated. This gas has a very high calorific value which then is used for further processes of steel industries. While exiting the BF top, the gas at a very high top pressure contains high dust content. It is required that the dust is removed from the gas stream and the top pressure is killed to the level suitable for using the BF gas in the burners.
Stratgem gas cleaning plants (GCP) are designed to eliminate the dust particles from BF gas stream to the level of < 5 mg/Nm3. For doing so lot of water is used for scrubbing the BF gas stream. It is also desirable that the gas after the GCP contains the moisture content as less than 5%. It is achieved with our innovative mist eliminator solutions.
The GCP is designed with 2 stage ventury scrubber system. In the 1st stage a ventury, variable throat and flooded elbow is provided. At this stage the top pressure is killed to certain extent and the gases are further passed to 2nd stage. The 2nd stage also constructed with a ventury, variable throat and a flooded elbow. Major pressure is killed at the 2nd stage of GCP. In both the stages the all the major content of dust is removed. Gas is further passed through a cyclonic separator to remove the residual moisture from the gas stream. Cyclonic separator is provided with a specially designed mist eliminator.
In certain cases, for very high-top pressure and the pressure reduction requirements beyond the GCP capacity, a septum valve is envisaged.
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