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Bag Tipping Station / Dump Station Unloading Station Provider in India : Stratgem

Bag tipping station /Dump station Unloading station /FIBC station as it is called with various names across industry. The main operation of this is to unload the bags in a efficient and hygienic way, ensuring no dust leakages or spillages happen and ensuring Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) rules and regulations. The bag dump stations can be designed for various sizes of bags i.e., 1MT Jumbo bag/Big Bag, 50 Kg, 25 Kg depending upon the customer requirements.
We at Stratgem also have designed non-contact type unloading of jumbo bags by providing containment specific gloves for tie /knot removal. 25 Kg and 50 Kg bag can also be atomized by introducing Automatic Bag Slitting machines where cutting is done by the machine thus ensuring no human contact.

Simply state your requirements and the challenges. Stratgem will provide a solution that will suit your process needs while maintaining product integrity and safe operations.

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