Portable Dust Collector manufacturer in Pune, India: Stratgem

There are various applications in industries where installing a standalone dust extraction system may not be suitable considering the various constraints like space availability, operator’s comfort while performing certain operations. In such case, we have portable products which are easy to use and install.
The list of portable products available are :
  • Portable Dust Collector
  • Portable Welding Fume Extractor
  • Portable Laser Fume Extractor
  • Industrial Vacuum cleaner
These portable products have got wide range of applications for the following machines and industries :
  • Tool cutters
  • Surface grinders
  • Buffing machines
  • Wood working industry
  • Powder coating
Portable collectors are one of the simplest and cheapest dust collector which is specially made for simple and non-complicated process. These work on the principle of capture, convey, and collect. It provides clean working conditions, increases operator efficiency and extends the equipment life.
The system consists of high-quality dust bags for filtration and uses ducts and hoses for conveying the dust captured by the pick-up hoods. These machines have very low vibrations and noise levels due to perfectly designed impeller and silencer. The design of the machines is very compact and requires very less footprint area. It can be placed next to the process points without occupying much space.

Simply state your requirements and the challenges. Stratgem will provide a solution that will suit your process needs while maintaining product integrity and safe operations.

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