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Cyclones are generally installed as pre-cleaners or product recovery along with other air pollution controls such as bag filter or scrubbers, in pneumatic conveying systems, size reduction processes, and product re-circulation systems.
Cyclones use the principal of centrifugal force for fine particle removal in addition to using gravity for particle removal. The Centrifugal force and inertia causes particles to move outwardly and then strike the cyclone’s wall, resulting in the particle sliding down in to the hopper. The cyclone consists of a vertically placed cylinder that has an inverted cone attached to its base.
The particulate-laden gas stream enters tangentially at the inlet point to the cylinder. The velocity of this inlet gas stream is then transformed into a confined vortex, from which centrifugal forces tend to drive the suspended particles to the walls of the cyclone. The vortex turns upward after reaching the bottom of the cylinder in a narrower inner spiral. The clean gas is removed from a central cylindrical opening at the top while the dust particles are collected at the bottom.
Our bag filters are available in different designs and thus can be customised to your case of application. Depending on the application needs, different designs and types which we offer are as below :
  • Online and offline cleaning systems.
  • Single row with or double row with central inlet and outlet.
  • Circular, square, and rectangular constructions.
  • Horizontal Bag Filters.
  • Pleated Cartridge Filters.
Cyclone dust Collector in Pune

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