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Ventilation systems are designed to provide fresh air for the personnel in the work zone areas. Having proper ventilation is key to providing a safe and healthy workspace for your employees. A well-designed industrial ventilation system results in better health for your employees as well as reduced risk for workplace accidents.
An industrial ventilation system consists of two central parts :
  • The fresh air supply system.
  • An exhaust system.
The supply system includes an air inlet, air filtering equipment, heating and cooling equipment, fans, ductwork, and air distribution registers.
The exhaust system has an air intake area, ducts that move air from one area to the next, an air cleaning device, discharge stacks, and fans. Both “ends” of the system work together to remove a wide range of contaminants from the area.
Stratgem offers diluted type of industrial ventilation systems where the amount of contaminants in the air is reduced by mixing contaminated air with clean, fresh air. The method usually involves putting large exhaust fans in the walls or roof of a building or room. This type of system is used when air pollution is not very high, and the toxicity level is low to moderate. Dilution systems require less maintenance and are the best ventilation choice for mobile or dispersed contaminant sources.
Industrial Ventilation System in India

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