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Industrial processes generate fumes or particles such as welding fumes, laser fumes, and chemical process applications. These fumes are harmful the operating personnel and need to be extracted from the process. Stratgem fume extractors are designed to suck these fumes from the fume generating points through a well-designed suction hoods and flexible hose type ducting. Additionally fume extractors are provided with variety of filters like hepa filter, cartridge filter depending upon the application. These units require very less space, are portable, more energy-efficient, and are easy to maintain.
Operating Principle
The fumes along with the dust is picked by a suction hood due to suction pressure created by the high efficiency suction blower. Fumes are filtered through mechanical filter and high efficiency HEPA filters which can trap harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke. The clean air is exhausted through a exhaust nozzle.
Industrial Fume Extractor System supplier in Pune

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