Flue Gas Treatment Systems by Stratgem

Flue Gas Treatment Systems by Stratgem Pune, India

During the combustion of fuel or manufacturing processes different kind of gases containing pollutants such as CO2, SO2, NO2, HF, H2S, HCL, unburnt hydrocarbons, organic and non-organic gases etc. These gaseous pollutants must be treated using the latest flue gas cleaning systems before letting it out into the atmosphere.
Flue gas treatment is a process designed to limit above mentioned harmful gaseous pollutants and other emissions such as dust, heavy metals which are highly toxic and carcinogenic.
Stratgemā€™s flue gas treatment systems treat and eliminate the gaseous emissions with dry and wet scrubbing systems. Suitable liquid reagents are used to react with the gases.

Simply state your requirements and the challenges. Stratgem will provide a solution that will suit your process needs while maintaining product integrity and safe operations.