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Portable dust extractors are, reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution to any dry dust control problem in industry. Dust extractors have got wide applications in tool cutters/surface grinders, buffing machines, abrasive cut off machines, diamond polishing machine, carbon dry powder collection, wood working industry, packaging machines etc. It provide clean working conditions, increases operator efficiency and prolongs equipment life. The unit is compact, inexpensive and continuously rated. It is easy to operate and needs practically no maintenance.
Operating Principle
The dust generated is picked by a slitted hood in a air stream generated by the powerful suction blower. Dust separation take place in two stages. In the primary stage, heavier particles are deposited into the collection container due to reduction in velocity and change of direction of air. Secondary separation occurs when the lighter dust is deposited onto the fabric by initial impact and diffusion. Hence its accumulated to form a mat or bed which in turn acts as filter medium with a fabrics periodically removed from the fabric by the shaker mechanism and deposited into the collection container.
Portable Dust Collector Supplier in Pune

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